May we SEE You in the stillness

Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God….”

I love the early morning hours of summer.  The house is still quiet, the coffee is still hot and the hummingbirds are in action.  I love to watch these adorably tiny yet incredibly powerful birds as they play, eat and hover outside my kitchen window.  These little creatures amaze me.  Their wings move so fast that they appear invisible.  Their wings move even while they eat.  Hummingbirds are always on the go.  They zoom around our yard as if being chased.  They swoop and dive and flutter like tiny little helicopters.  I have grown so accustomed to their flying antics that it completely caught me by surprise the morning I sat down with my coffee and saw a humming bird sitting perfectly still in a plant on my deck.

Mesmerized I watch this normally hyperactive bird as she simply sat there.  Her wings were still and at her side.  Her head was tilted ever so slightly as she sat for two minutes.  She was not in her nest.  She was not stopped to take care of her young.  She was not stopped because she was injured.  She was just sitting there.  The hummingbird was soon off again engaging in her flying acrobatics.  But it made me think: if the hummingbird, who was designed for motion and speed, takes time to just be still, shouldn’t I?

As I looked away from my window and back towards my favorite coffee mug, I saw my Bible lying on the table.  It hit me then that oftentimes I am the hummingbird.  I fly around taking care of the kids.  I swoop around the house cleaning up.  I flutter through all my errands.  I dive into work.  I am constantly on the move from one activity to the next.  And like the hummingbird, I need times where I stop moving and am still. I am sure the hummingbird has other times throughout the day when she stops, but as I watched her sit in the early morning hours it made me realize how important my morning quiet time is with the Lord.  Before my “wings” get moving to fast, I need to simply sit before Him.  When I sit at His feet and sit under His Word I am given the strength to flutter throughout my day.  My “wings” will fail in my own power.  My “wings” are not strong enough to sustain me through all of the days demands.  But His wings are my shelter.  His wings are my refuge.  His wings enable me to soar for Him. (see Psalm 91:4)

In this fast pace world we live in, it is vitally important to make the time to simply sit before the Lord and allow Him to fill you with Himself.

“Lord, I long to SEE You in the stillness. May I be still before You and sit at Your feet today, eagerly anticipating a word from You.”


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