Day 1: The Gratefulness Challenge

I am challenging myself to write a short post each day of this Christmas season. You can read about my reasons why by clicking the link below:

Day 1:

I was convicted and inspired in church this morning to be more grateful for the grace that God has poured out on me. I deserve nothing but death and hell, but by God’s unfathomable grace and mercy, He has given me eternal life in His Son, Jesus. Yet, all too often I choose to see what I don’t have instead of the eternal gifts that I do have. So, this Christmas season my family is embarking on a gratefulness challenge. For every complaint we make, we must then give a praise. For example, when if I complain about traffic; I would then turn that around and praise God for the car He has given us.

We want to praise Him often for the grace and life we have been given. During this Advent season, my hope is that we spend more time praising God for the priceless gift of Jesus, then we do anything else.

Anyone want to join us in our gratefulness challenge? And if you happen to hear me complain about something, please call me on it and remind me to give a praise 😉

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