Day 8: May we SEE You as our Audience of One

“What will you do with Jesus? What will your answer be? Will you receive Him in your heart this Christmas? Will you crown Him as your King?”

My seven year old daughter will be singing those words tonight in her second grade Christmas musical. She has solos in two different songs and I find myself more nervous than she is. She is ready. She knows the words, she can sing the tune in her sleep and we found the perfect Christmas bow for her hair! But most importantly of all, she knows that she is singing to her Savior and that her Savior will sing through her.

She did a solo last year too, and it was incredible. Yes, she sounded beautiful and sweet, but what was incredible was the way she got to experience the Holy Spirit that night. She was so very nervous, and kept praying that Jesus would help her, that He would sing through her, and I was praying that He would let her focus only on Him. She stepped up to the mic (on her tiptoes poor little thing;) and she started to sing. The Holy Spirit’s presence was palpable to me (and to several others). My shy little girl, sang her heart out to her Savior and He sang His heart out through her.

As soon as the concert was over, she ran to me and said, “Mommy, did you feel that? That was so cool! I want to do it again. I felt like Jesus was standing right in front of me and I singing just for Him.”

This Christmas, I want to see Jesus standing right in front of me at all times. As I am running errands, I want to see Him standing in front of me, so that my focus is on Him and not my too big to-do list. As I am cooking, I want to see Him standing by the stove as I pray for those I am cooking for. As I am cleaning the house for what seems like the millionth time, I want to see Him standing in front of me, knowing that He is cleaning my heart; His home.

I will be praying for my girl tonight as she sings. I will ask Jesus to help her, to sing through her and to allow her to focus only on Him; her audience of One. But I will also be praying for myself, that Jesus will help me, that He will work through me, and that He will keep my focus on Him this Christmas and always.

May we SEE You as our audience of One.

Here is a picture of my sweet girl practicing her solo at home.



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