Day 11: You are Loved

Who am I, that the Lord of all the earth,    Would care to know my name,     Would care to feel my hurt?    Who am I, that the bright and morning star,   Would choose to light the way,   For my ever wandering heart?                                                    Casting Crowns – “Who Am I” Lyrics

As that song came on the radio this morning, my eyes filled with tears.  Have you ever had those “who am I?” thoughts?  We humans are complicated creatures.  We can go from feeling entitled to unworthy in the span of a heartbeat.

As the demands of the season mix with sleep deprivation, my happy ho-ho-ho-ing can quickly turn into a short tempered bah-hum-bug leaving me feeling guilty and worn.  And oh, how the enemy loves for us to feel guilty.  Guilt keeps our heads down, focusing on what we have or have not done.  But Grace lifts our heads and gently reminds us that it not about us, but about what Jesus has already done.

When those moments of unworthiness come, when you feel like you have blown it yet again, when Christmas starts to feel more like a chore than a reason for cheer, may we remember just how loved we are.  May we remember that the King of the Universe willingly left the perfect glorious majesty of Heaven, so that He could put on flesh and bones, containing His presence in the form of a helpless baby.  Our Creator allowed Himself to be born to one of His creations.  The One who holds the world in His hands, allowed Himself to be held by the hands of a simple girl.  The Great I AM traded His throne for a manger, His Heavenly worshippers for hostile crowds, and His Divine crown for a crown of thorns.

Today, may we walk with heads held high, gazing into the face of our Savior and King.  May we not allow guilt to keep our heads down, but may we allow grace to lift our heads and remind us just how loved we are by the King who gave everything to save us.  We are worthy, because we are His.


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