Day 16: One of Those Days

Today was one of those days.  You know, the “tree has been leaking but didn’t know it and now all the presents are wet and the carpet stinks; the faucet in the kitchen just exploded all over me, the kid’s sink is clogged, the mailbox fell over, the dog ate twelve puzzle pieces from the puzzle you and your kids have been working on for weeks, and my sinuses are killing me” kind of day!

Little hard to find my Christmas mojo today……..but then I get a text that changed my heart.

It was from a friend who showed me what my daughter wrote for a school project. The kids were asked to make cards for people in prison this Christmas. Hers said:


It says: “Mary Christmas! I hope you will now (know) Jesus as your Savior. I hope I could give you a Bible.  We wish you a Mary Christmas.”

OK, so my sweet girl will not win the spelling bee, but she did put things in perspective for me:

Yes, some presents got wet;

yes, I got wet;

yes, we have plumbing and mailbox issues;

yes, my dog is going to poop a jigsaw puzzle,

and yes, my head still hurts.

But I do know Jesus and I have His Word in my heart.  Nothing else really matters.  The rest is just stuff.

For anyone else having one of those days, I pray that Jesus provides peace in the midst of your chaos, and comfort in the midst grief.  May Jesus always be all that really matters.

“Mary Christmas” 😉

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