Day 17: Daddy’s Girl

“When is he going to be here?”

“How much longer?”

“Should I wear my pink sparkly boots or my black sparkly boots for him?”

My dad is coming today, and the excitement in our home is palpable.  He is coming a little ahead of my mom, who is sweetly staying at their house longer so she can be near her grieving elderly aunt.  I have been so blessed with an amazing mom and dad who love the Lord, each other, myself, and others fiercely.

We have been getting ready for my dad’s visit for days.  We washed sheets, made up beds, cleaned carpets, bought his favorite foods and scoured the bathroom.  As I was cleaning earlier today, I started thinking about all the things I still had to do to get the house “perfect” and wondered if I would finish in time.  Then I smiled as I realized that my dad just wants to see us, the house being meticulously clean is not the most important thing to him.  Granted, it is nice to have a clean house for our guests (even family guest;), but it is even better to have a open heart and open home to invite them in.

The Holy Spirit seemed to open my eyes to an important spiritual truth today:  My Daddy (God) is coming again soon, and there is much I should be doing to get ready; however, He loves me just as I am, mess and all. And all He asks is that I open my heart to Him.

To get ready for the return of my God and King, I should be telling others about the life He offers, spending time in His Word, and allowing Him to have His way in my heart.  But as I do those things, I also need to remember that He loves me just as I am at this very moment.  He knows the mess I try to hide in my heart, and He loves me anyway.  I don’t have to put on a show for Him, or try to fix myself before going to Him.  He loves me and treasures me as I am right at this moment.

I am proud to be a Daddy’s girl, both to my earthly father and to my heavenly Father.

This Christmas may we all remember that there is no such thing as a perfect Christmas, a perfect house, or a perfect gift.  There is only a perfect Savior.  May we rest in our Savior this season.



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