Day 18: It’s About the Cross

One week to go! I fear you must be sick of my posts by now.  This personal challenge of mine has gotten harder the past few days, but it has been great to keep my focus on the real meaning of Christmas.  So whether you actually read all of my ramblings or not, thank you for letting me use this blog as a place to focus my thoughts and my heart on Jesus this Christmas.

For today’s post, I want to share another one of my favorite Christmas songs.  We came across the a cappella group, Go Fish, when my kids were very young.  Their song “It’s About the Cross” is full of such great Gospel truth.  My kids can now sing every word.  I love that it has helped them understand that the manger was when God poured His love out on mankind, but the cross was were He poured out His grace and mercy.  We wouldn’t have the cross without the manger, but we wouldn’t have the gift of eternal life with God, without the cross.

May the baby in the manger point us all to the Savior on the cross this Christmas and always….

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