Day 21: We don’t need a feel good Christmas; we need Christ

It is so heart wrenching to listen to the news recently.  Our world seems so full of violence, hatred, brokenness and evil.  I have heard several people comment that we really need Christmas this year.  I understand what they mean; we need the hope, the good will to men and the generosity that marks this season.  But yet, we need so much more.

We don’t need Santa; we need a Savior.  We don’t need more presents; we need the fulfillment of God’s promises.  We don’t need ho-ho-ho; we need Hosanna.

“Lord Jesus, we are a people living in darkness and among darkness.  We don’t need a feel good Christmas, we need Christ.  We ask that You would draw hearts to You this season.  God, only You can repair what is so very broken in our world.  Only You can restore and repair broken lives, broken hearts and broken dreams.  Only You can unify what is so vastly divided.  Only You can bring hope into hopelessness and light into darkness.  Jesus, we need You more than anything else.  We long for You, and for the peace that only You can bring.  Please draw hearts to You this Christmas season and open eyes to see Your glorious light and redeeming love.  We love you Jesus.  Amen.”


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