May we SEE You as our hiding place

“I will take refuge in the shadow of Your wings until the disaster has passed.” Psalm 57:1b

OK, so the psalmist probably was not talking about the flu when he wrote about disaster passing, but our entire family coming down with the flu this weekend (when we should have been celebrating our son’s 12th birthday) has felt like a bit of a disaster. I’ve  never had the flu before, and I pray that I never will again.  One by one, we each fell to the fever, cough and body aches.  Birthday plans had to be canceled, doctor visits had to be arranged, and ridiculously expensive medications had to be picked up. (Side note: a family flu event is not the best time to have an HSA…ouch!)

I was so sad for my son. I had planned such a fun weekend for him and was looking forward to celebrating his last “non-teenage” birthday weekend.  But none of us had the energy to do much of anything.  Instead, we piled on the sofa, passed the tissues and had a movie marathon.  We napped together, snacked together, and even occasionally laughed at our pitifulness together.

It has felt like we have been in a cocoon for a week, and while I resented that at first, I have come to appreciate it and even SEE God’s purpose in it.  Our bodies have demanded rest, likewise, shouldn’t our souls have times of rest?  We have gone into what we term “survival mode” doing only that which has to be done.  It has helped our bodies tremendously.

Maybe every so often we should take a soul rest where the only thing we do is spend time in God’s Word and rest in Him.  Just as my bed has been my refuge this week, I long for the wings of the Almighty to be the refuge the psalmist described.  I pray I don’t have to experience the equivalent of a spiritual “flu” to cause me to slow down and rest in the Lord.  I pray that every once in awhile, I will stop the striving, working, and pursuit of good things in order to focus and rest in the best thing: seeking refuge in the Lord and seeking only His face.

I am so ready for this flu to be just a memory, but I pray that taking time out to rest in the wings of my God will become a way of life from this point forward.

May we SEE Him as our hiding place today.


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