May we SEE You While We Wait

I seem to be suffering from a mild case of writer’s block. Curriculum lessons have become harder to write, my thoughts are a jumbled mess, and yet non-existent at the same time. Even writing a grocery list feels overwhelming. The former grief counselor in me, knows that grief can cause distraction and focus problems. I am being patient with myself (as patient as I can be with deadlines looming;) and trusting the One who wrote The Book in the first place, to help me write lessons from His book, for His kids.

As I wait, and trust, and slowly write, I keep reflecting on a beautiful song by Francesca Battistelli called, “Holy Spirit.” It has become my prayer the last few weeks. I played around with the song and some of my dad’s and my aunt’s gorgeous pictures. I ended up creating a slideshow which I wanted to share here. I pray that as you listen to the words of this song, your heart will be stirred by the Holy Spirit and you will become more aware of His Presence. Waiting is hard, but waiting in the power of the Holy Spirit can become a beautiful time of rest and refreshment.

You can download this song (and her entire album which is INCREDIBLE) by clicking the following link:


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