It takes effort to SEE sometimes

On a day when my heart has been heavy and my soul, troubled, seeing God has taken some serious effort. Oh how I long for Him to peel back the sky and allow me to SEE Him on His white horse, to SEE Him on His throne, to SEE the angels worshipping Him, to SEE His glorious face. How my heart longs to SEE Him as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego did, as Moses did, as Elisha did, as Paul did, and as John did. My soul craves feeling His touch as Jacob did, as Mary did, as Jarius’ daughter did.

Yet, He did not grant those longings today. Instead, He allowed me to SEE His Word, as I wrote a lesson from 2 Timothy 3. In that passage He reminded me that people will always challenge His Word, but that I can, and must, always cling to it as fundamental, unchanging, forever truth because it is His very Words breathed out for mankind.

Jesus did not reach out and touch me with His nail-scarred hand, but He provided a hug from my earthly daddy, the man who led me to the cross so many years ago.

And while I would have loved to have seen heaven peeled back and the throne of God appear, God did not provide such an event. Yet, He allowed me to SEE His goodness as He sent my little girl to me; to crawl up into my lap, look at me with her gorgeous blue eyes and tell me that she loves me. She curled up in my lap, just as I longed to curl up in Jesus’ lap. I comforted her, just as I felt Him comfort me. I whispered in her ear, as I felt Him whisper in mine.

Just because certain voices speak louder, does not silence the quiet voice of truth. I am so grateful to have heard the whisper of truth, and to have seen a glimpse of God’s goodness in the form of a precious little girl who loves her God (and her mama) so much.

Tonight, I don’t know what the future holds, but I am clinging to the One who holds the future!


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