Friday Dose of Sunshine

Kids provide such joy as well as opportunities for adults to practice self-control 🙂 Every Friday I will post a little dose of sunshine (a term my Grandmother used): a funny, sweet or profound moment brought to us by a child.

You are my sunshine
You are my sunshine

The newness of summer vacation had worn off and my kids were bored. Naturally, they preferred pushing each others buttons over any other toy or activity. My 12 year old son, who is quite gifted in the art of button pushing, had gotten on his 7 year old sister’s last nerve. With an exasperated scream she stormed off to her room. About 2 minutes later I hear my darling son try to gain entrance into her room. This attempted and unwanted entry resulted in the following screaming match conversation:

Daughter: “GET OUT!!!!!!!”

Son: “I just want to play.”

D: “Leave me alone!!!!”

S: “Why? What are you doing?”

D: (scream of frustration unlike any other human sound) “I AM TRYING TO PRAY FOR PATIENCE SO I DON’T HURT YOU! NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!”

S: “Oh, um….ok. Uh…thanks.”

Sunshine Truth: Sometimes a girl just needs to be alone to pray 😉

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