Dose of Sunshine – The True Street Evangelist

You are my sunshine
You are my sunshine

A few years ago my husband was out back burning some leaves while my kids were drawing with chalk on the driveway. My then 9 year old son asked me if it was ok for him to write some on the street. I walked out front to watch for traffic so that he could draw (that is what I thought he was going to do.)

I was so busy watching for cars, noticing the weeds growing by the mailbox, and chuckling at my then 5 year olds attempts at spelling that it took several minutes for me to realize what my son was actually doing.


He was writing out the Gospel in the street! He tends to be very shy around adults, but he wanted grown-ups to know about Jesus so he decided to write out a message of hope and love so that anyone riding by or walking by could read it.


He explained that Jesus loves them and wants them to be with Him in Heaven. He then said all you have to do is have your sins forgiven by praying and asking Jesus to forgive you and give you eternal life. My own little “street” preacher! He even inspired his sister to get in on the action – although her spelling made her message a little harder to understand 😉


I think she was trying to write “Gospel”…thankfully her spelling has gotten much better!

While the street preaching was going on in the front, the burning leaves resulted in a captivating and inspiring moment out back.



I know it was a result of smoke, air and sunlight, but I also know that God used those substances to make His pleasure known. How He must have smiled at the scene going on in the front yard. I know I sure did!

Sunshine truth: All it takes to change a life is a willing heart, and maybe a piece of chalk 😉

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