Actively Waiting

“I wait for the Lord, my soul waits,
    and in his word I hope..” Psalm 130:5


I was asked today how my book is coming along. At first I wanted to make up some information like, “It’s being reviewed as we speak!” or “I except to hear back any day now.” But the truth is I have heard nothing and I don’t know if I will. I have no idea if the proposal has even been read, or if the delete button was hit as soon as the email was received.

Having your “baby” out there for strangers to review is a scary feeling. Not even knowing if said strangers received your “baby” or if they are even interested in reviewing it creates a unique cascade of emotions: did they get it? do they hate it? are they reviewing it? did they delete it? am I going to hear back….ever????

And so, through no choice of my own, I wait. My book waits. My characters wait. But I’m somewhat begrudgingly learning that waiting does not have to be a passive sport. There is so much work to be done while I wait. I can tweak chapters; I can rework entire sections; I can take on other writing projects; I can search God’s Word and be encouraged by others who had to wait on His timing; I can surrender my agenda and purposes to God’s; and I can walk through other doors that are opening for ministry opportunities I had never entertained before.

I LOVE the book God laid on my heart to write. I LOVE the true story behind the book, and I pray that one day I can share this story with others. And while I certainly don’t love the waiting game, I do love the lessons God is teaching me during this time.

Are you in a place of waiting on God’s timing? It is so easy to get discouraged (trust me I fight this battle everyday), but may I encourage you to actively wait. Ask God to show you what you CAN do in this time. Maybe He is opening a door to a different ministry. Or leading you to a Bible study. Maybe He is calling you to share your waiting story with others. Or drawing you to His Word.

Let’s actively wait together; trusting His timing and His plans. They are usually always different than ours – but they are also always infinitely better!

Much love,



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