Dose of Sunshine

You are my sunshine
You are my sunshine

One evening my then six year old daughter was taking a bath when she called me in, “Mama, come here! You have to see this!”

As parents of young children know, a command like that can conjure up all sorts of frightening images of what they are about to see 😉 but in I walked to behold whatever it was….

I was relieved to find that my daughter was simply looking at drops if water on her arm!

“Look mama, I have leprosy like the Tin Man in the Bible!!” – she said while smiling!
“Ummmm?????” (I didn’t know where to start….do you address the leprosy first or the fact the Tin Man was most definitely not in the Bible???)

I went with the Tin Man: “Sweetie, the Tin Man wasn’t in the Bible. And he definitely didn’t suffer from leprosy.”

“Mommy, your funny. There was a Tin Man in the Bible and Jesus healed them, but only one Tin Man came back to say thank you to Him.”

Sunshine Truth: Both the Tin Man and the Ten Men had reasons to be grateful 🙂

*The “Ten Men” aka “the Tin Man” story can be found in Luke 17:11-19.

These weekly “Dose of Sunshine” posts are in honor of the sweet, funny and silly things kids do that bring laughter and truth into our lives. If you have a Dose of Sunshine story you would like to share please leave it in the comments or email me directly at

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