31 Day Challenge….Yikes!


Scroll down to read the inspiration behind my 31 days of seeing glimpses of God’s glory in my everyday life. You can then click on each link to read my “glimpse” for each day.

Day One: What Have I Done?

Day Two: Perspective Changer

Day Three: Seeing Past the Holy Huddle

Day Four: The Lord’s Day

Day Five: To Rescue or Not to Rescue

Day Six: The Sun

Day Seven: Lessons from the Sun (and the Son)

Day Eight: Lots to See

Day Nine: Holy Socks

Days 10 and 11: It Really Does All Come Down to Love

Day 12: Hate vs. LOVE

Day 13: We’re in this Together

Day 14: Sometimes you have to choose to see

Day 15: Seeing Through the Father’s Eyes

Day 16: My Helper

Days 17 and 18: More than a Glimpse

Day 19: Gifts

Day 20: The Rock

Day 21: Your Horse, Your Story, Your Girl

Day 22: True Power

Day 23: The Arms of Love

Day 24: Fun on the Farm

Day 25: What Real Worship Looks Like

Day 26: Rest

Day 27: The Power of Silence

Day 28: Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Day 29: A Prayer that Could Change Everything

Day 30: Sometimes You Gotta Look Hard

Day 31: Done!

A friend encouraged me to try the 31 day blog challenge. It is a community of bloggers who commit to writing a post every day in the month of October. The posts all have to relate to a particular theme of your choosing. I scrolled through the website and found topics such as: 31 days to a cleaner home (yes please!), 31 days to a tighter tummy (will it hurt?), 31 ways to use the color red (what now?). All of those topics sound intriguing, but what would I write about???

As I processed this and prayed over it, I started to dismiss the idea as not being something I could contribute to. But then I heard that voice – that quiet whisper that you want to pretend was just your imagination. The internal voice that prompts you to do something you so don’t want to do. Have you ever heard that voice? The Holy Spirit rarely shouts to me; instead He whispers, He excites, He makes clear.

“You can write about seeing Me each day for 31 days.”

“Um…what was that Lord? No, please no. What if I don’t “see” You one day? What if there is a day when I have nothing but white space to turn in? How am I going to “see” evidence of You 31 times in a row????”

“You ask Me to show myself to you and then write what you SEE.”

I’ll spare you the days of back and forth I did with God. Let’s just say I may have resembled a little child who argued and negotiated with her Daddy about doing  something she didn’t want to do. But in the end, He won.

So, starting tomorrow I will link up to the “mother blog” and begin posting once a day about the evidences of God in my mundane life.

Ya’ll I am scared! I have NO idea what this will look like or what I will SEE, but I am trusting the One who gave me eyes and the One who promises to reveal Himself to us.

It seems fitting that where I live has been completely overcast for almost an entire week. A week without the sun! (This Florida born girl is not happy!) But here’s the cool part and what I took as confirmation of God’s calling: Just because I can’t SEE the sun, doesn’t mean it’s not there. And it doesn’t mean I can’t SEE evidence of it. The sun still rises in the east and sets in the west. The plants still grow. I still have to wear sunglasses when I drive. Yes, the evidence of the sun remains, even when the clouds obstruct our view.

And the evidence of The Son is all around us, even if circumstances obstruct our view. So my prayer is that God will remove the blinders: the doubt, the fear, the pride and anything else that obstructs my view of Him and reveal a glimpse of His glory to me each day. (Oh my word…as I just wrote that sentence the sun came out for an instant!!!!!!! OK, God is soooo AWESOME, and I think I just saw a glimpse of Him for today đŸ˜‰ )

Will you join me on this challenge? You don’t have to start a blog or anything, but maybe you would be willing to pray that prayer with me over the next 31 days and then record for yourself how you SEE evidences of God each day.

I am still a little nervous, but suddenly I am far more excited!

Much love (and SEE you tomorrow),



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