Day Four: The Lord’s Day


This post is one in a series of posts called “Glimpses of God” which I am writing as part of the Write31Days blog challenge. You can find the other posts here: 31 Glimpses of God Blog Challenge (#write31days)

Evidences of God’s glory were easy to see yesterday. The hands raised in worship, the taking of the Lord’s Supper, the words of “Revelation Song,” teaching children that nothing can separate God from His children, our church celebrating our 37th anniversary.

I am so thankful for God leading us to our church 13 years ago. We had just moved to the area and the only person I knew in the entire state went this church. We had come from a church plant where we averaged 50 people on a given Sunday. We stepped into this new church and were greeted with 2,000 people coming and going from classes to worship service! But the Holy Spirit was the same among the 50 and the 2,000. It was clear this was our new church home and I have considered our church one of God’s greatest blessings on my life.

So on day four of seeing glimpses of God, I SEE His glory reflected on the faces of those around me as we gather for worship. I SEE His glory poured out on me as He allows me to teach His children. And I SEE His glory equipping us to go into the city and the nations to proclaim His Name.

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