Day Five: To rescue or not to rescue?

This post is one in a series of posts called “Glimpses of God” which I am writing as part of the Write31Days blog challenge. You can find the other posts here: 31 Glimpses of God Blog Challenge (#write31days)

How God must have chuckled when I started this challenge. I honestly assumed that I would be witnessing the most glorious breath taking Mount Sinai kinds of moments as I sought daily glimpses of His glory. Well, the glimpses have been powerful and in their own way beautiful, but definitely not what I expected. And today was just downright hard.

The day started with promise as I spent time in Psalms, but then came the dreaded text from a friend: “so did your son study all weekend for the history test too?”

Panic! “The what now? It’s been raining forever!!!! How can they have a test???” (Rain does not make me very rational.)

Apparently my dear child forgot that he had a history test. This was after me asking several times if he was sure he had no homework. Instead, he chose to fill his days playing with his friends, creating epic Minecraft worlds, and annoying his little sister.

While this may not seem like a big deal to most, to me this was huge. I am a recovering closet helicopter mom. Translated: I pretend I’m all cool with everything, but I’m secretly hyperventilating as I imagine every possible worst case scenario and our emergency exit procedures. I say I want my kids to learn from life experience, but I want to help life out a little and soften the blows.

I sat there with my open Bible facing a very real mom dilemma: to rescue or not to rescue. His sister was home sick, I could just go get him early and he could take the test tomorrow. He needs a haircut, no time like history class for that right?

I glanced down at the Word and felt the pull of Truth and Wisdom. I needed to let God handle this one. I couldn’t rescue or I would be getting in God’s way of teaching my son in this moment. My son needed to feel the pain of once again forgetting to write something down. This is not the first nor the second or even the fifth time something similar has happened. My son chose fun over school and he was going to have to pay the price.

But you guys, it was so hard to not rescue him!!!! I texted friends to get their thoughts, I called my parents to get their advice, but regardless of their opinions I knew what I had to do. Or more specifically, not do.

My son learned an important lesson today, and I was able to see a glimpse of my heavenly Father too. How many times does God ache because I have chosen sin over righteousness and I must face the consequences? How many times do I refuse to learn a lesson? He is so patient with me and showers me with grace, but I know I am as hard-headed as my son in certain areas. There are times when God must look at me, knowing He could step in and rescue me, but loving me far too much to do so. God wants the best for us and sometimes that means allowing us to feel the pain of our choices so that we will finally learn and grow.

Today was hard, but then again growth usually is. My son and I both grew a little today. And I saw yet another glimpse of God’s glory.

Oh and my son? Well, let’s just say frantic studying during down time and a gracious God resulted in a not-so-bad test grade 😉 but the panic of facing an unprepared for test has left its mark.

See you tomorrow,



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