Day Seven: Lessons from the Sun (and the Son)

This post is one in a series of posts called “Glimpses of God” which I am writing as part of the Write31Days blog challenge. You can find the other posts here: 31 Glimpses of God Blog Challenge (#write31days)

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Now that I have my appropriate disclaimer, the “glimpse” I saw today was that there is a big difference between looking at the sun and being in the sun; just as there is a big difference between looking at the Son and being in the Son.

Admittedly, I had fallen into a bit of funk on day 10 of the incessant gray skies and rain. I lost motivation, my sense of humor, and my overall rosy colored view of life. (I think if I lived where it rained all the time I would seriously need my own UV light!) But then yesterday the sun came out. It was glorious and beautiful and while my mood did lighten, today I still felt kind of gloomy and bleh. I was tired, unmotivated and easily distracted.

I sat in my family room looking out at the beautiful fall day, wondering what was wrong with me. I had a great quiet time earlier, I love the passage I was trying to write a lesson on, I even took a baby step in my writing dream, so why the bleh feeling???

As I contemplated a restorative nap, a longing to go sit on the back deck came over me. I called the dog and we both went to soak in some sun. As I sat there with my face to the sun (I promise I’m not a sun worshipper!), I began to feel more energized. I listened to the sounds of birds and squirrels at play. I breathed in the scent of fall. I gazed at the splash of color as our leaves begin to turn from green to yellow, orange and red. As I soaked in the sights, sounds and sensations all around me I realized that while I had been looking at the scene yesterday, today I chose to immerse myself in it. As I sat there I begin to feel much more energized and motivated (seasonal affect disorder anyone?)

Yesterday I just looked, while today I experienced. Then the glimpse came.

How many times have I looked at God from my window? How many years was I content to just watch church happen? I attended and liked it, but I didn’t get involved. I had many reasons, some valid – like we had just had a baby and I didn’t have anyone to keep him so that I could serve in various ministries. Others were not so valid, like all these people know what they are doing, unlike me!, what if they don’t like me?, I’m sure they have enough people to serve (said no children’s minister ever!)

It took me almost seven years to really get involved in any real way at church. But when God finally got my attention and I said yes to Him, everything changed – in the most amazing ways. Church was no longer a place, it became a people. It became God’s people, my people, my family in Christ. Serving became a joy, teaching has become a bright spot in my week.

But watching compared to doing goes beyond church involvement. How many times have I read the Bible as just a good book full of wisdom, instead of reading it as if searching for the rarest and most valuable of treasure? How many times I have been content to skim, or as I heard the other day “flip and dip” where you flip around and around until you finally dip in and read a passage.

Once I stop skimming and start digging, everything changes. I can think of no more powerful time then when I read a Bible passage and search for the fact, lesson and application it is teaching. You don’t need a million fancy Bible studies. You just need the Bible and the Holy Spirit.

I still battle everyday with watching Jesus verses being in Him. Just watching Him from a distance leaves me happy, but still unsatisfied and filled with longing. However, being in Him and with Him fills my cup to overflowing and satisfies the deepest longing of my soul.

Today as I sat in the sun, I was so grateful to have seen a glimpse of the Son!

See you tomorrow,



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