Day Eight: Lots to See

This post is one in a series of posts called “Glimpses of God” which I am writing as part of the Write31Days blog challenge. You can find the other posts here: 31 Glimpses of God Blog Challenge (#write31days)


It is hard to pick just one glimpse from yesterday. Evidences of God filled my day. Is it possible that He showed me more than usual, or am I beginning to see Him more? I’m not sure which one it is, but I am so grateful for the glimpses of my Father at work in my life and the lives of my loved ones.

I had to pick my son up early from school for a doctor’s appointment. What should have been a fairly mundane task, turned into a beautiful afternoon of talking, and more importantly, listening to my son talk about the challenges of middle school. While he enjoys talking to me, it is usually about computers and all things electronic related – topics which result in me nodding my head and saying “I’m listening” words, such as uh-huh, right, and oh wow – while inside I am visiting my happy place or organizing my grocery list!

But yesterday, for reasons that only God knows, my son shared his heart with me. It was beautiful and so encouraging. My glimpse moment came when he started talking about the drama of 7th grade (did you know boys can have as much drama as girls at that age??? – who knew!), my son said, “it seems like maybe this person is so unhappy and feeling so beaten down, that he pushes others down so he can stand on them and hope he gets a little higher.” Um….WOW!!!! Where did that insight come from???

I asked him how he came to that realization. He told me that at night when he can’t sleep he “kinda prays and kinda talks things out and stuff just comes into his head.”

I try to teach my kids as often as I can. We discuss things, pray about things, lecture about things engage in two-way conversations etc. But in that moment I realized that God Himself is teaching my kids, and that made me ecstatic! God is revealing truths to my child as he lays in bed at night. Wow! My son is not perfect and he will participate in his own amount of drama over the years, but yesterday God allowed me to see that He is actively involved in our kids lives. And He is the greatest teacher they can have.

Another glimpse came later in the day during the kick-off night for a new women’s Bible study group I have had the privilege of helping to plan. I must confess though, a women’s group would never have been on my radar for ministry opportunities. I am so used to teaching kids, writing lessons for kids etc, that kids have become my comfort zone. When I was first asked about this I wanted to laugh and say no. But I felt God tell me it was time to get out of the boat, so to speak, and keep my eyes on Him as I took the first step on the water.

I was scared of trying something new, but I am so glad He walked with me through my fear. The group is all about being authentic with the Lord and with each other. Even the word authentic scared me at first (and to be honest it still does). Deep down inside I still kind of feel like a shy teenager trying to hide a big zit! I wonder if that feeling ever really goes away? I was being plagued with thoughts of “who are you to co-lead this group for women?”, “what if no one shows up?”, “you can’t do this.”

But then the sweet whisper of the Holy Spirit made His Presence known: “You are the daughter of The King and are obeying His command. Those women who I have chosen to be there will be there – the outcome is not your concern. You cannot do this, but I can and I will. You obey me, and I will do the rest.”

Yep, that shut up those other thoughts! So we met and we prayed and we waited. All in all we had eight women there. Not a huge showing, but you know what? It was wonderful. Each woman there was a beautiful, precious treasure to the Lord. We all bring insecurities and fears, but in faith we stepped out and were willing to share those with each other.

What will happen with this group? I have no idea and that is ok. This group is God’s group and He will do with it what He pleases. But last night as I sat around a table with those women, I saw a glimpse of the Father reflected in each face. Each beautiful face was a reflection of His love, His grace and His purpose.

I pray you see a glimpse of the Father today. The best place to start? The mirror! He loves you more than you could ever imagine! (big zits, insecurities and all!)

See you tomorrow,



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