Days 10 and 11: It Really Does All Come Down to Love

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I’ve decided to combine this weekend into one post – you’re welcome 😉

The theme of this weekend’s glimpse has been one word, which God has spoken to me over and over in many different ways. The word is love. That sounds so cliche to even write, but God has totally rocked my world with that one word.

It started a few days ago when I wrote two curriculum lessons from 1 John. Both lessons were about love. Did you know that God actually gives us assurance of our place in His family? (1 John 3:18-20) God knows how doubtful we can be, and so He gives us a litmus test of sorts to assure us of our salvation in Him! The litmus test? If we have love for one another. Now this isn’t Hollywood love, nor is it the warm, fuzzy flutters that masquerade as love. The love we are to have is the love of God; the self-sacrificing, completely unselfish love of Jesus. Of course, this doesn’t mean we will love each other perfectly, but it does mean we will have a desire to love like He loves. We will grow in our love for others. We will be burdened to see the lost saved, and the saved grow.

The next lesson I wrote was again about love. But whereas the first taught that the presence of love in our lives will assure ourselves of our place in God’s Kingdom, the second taught that the presence of love in our lives will show God to others (1 John 4:11-12).

We see our place with God through love, while others see God Himself through the way we love!

God is Himself Love. Therefore, if God did not exist, neither would love. When God changes a heart, transforming it by the blood of Jesus, He installs His love into us.

So two lessons in a row about love were making their mark, but then my daily devotionals this weekend were about love. Songs come on about God’s love. Our sermon today? Yep, all about love.

But again, this is all about God’s love, agape love, not the world’s version of love.

What does all this “love” translate to? I am not really sure yet, but I am certainly more vigilant about seeing what He wants me to see. I sit here and wonder what this world would look like if the church loved as God would have us love:

Loving others without expecting anything in return. Loving the hurt, the angry, the different. Loving the broken, the lost, the needy. Loving the abrasive, the hard to love, the arrogant. Deciding in our hearts to let God’s love rule and not our own desires. Stepping out of our comfort zones to love in Jesus’ Name. Surrendering our wants, laying down our desires, and reaching out our arms in His love.

I am so very far away from any of that. I default to my own mind, my own house and my own people far too many times. But God is making it clear to this introverted girl, that love is important and it is how He so often chooses to allow others to see Him. So if I am all about seeing God at work in my life, then how could I possibly deny allowing others to see Him through me? Seeing the presence of God in my life is an amazing experience, like no other. I want others to experience that same awareness, and if that means putting myself out there more, or just being open to allow God’s love to flow through me to someone else then I’ll do it! How could I not?

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