Day 14: Sometimes you have to choose to see


This post is one in a series of posts called “Glimpses of God” which I am writing as part of the Write31Days blog challenge. You can find the other posts here: 31 Glimpses of God Blog Challenge (#write31days)

Yesterday was a day of ups and downs. The ups were amazing, yet my focus kept being diverted to the downs. It dawned on me that sometimes you have to just choose to look for and see the good.

It is so easy to fixate on the one thing that is wrong in a sea of what is good. How many times do we obsess over the stained carpet or worn sofa, instead of focusing on the fact that we are blessed with a roof over our heads? We lament our thicker waistline, instead of praising God for the children or age that have contributed to that waistline. We despair over one bad grade instead of rejoicing over all the other better grades. We nit-pick and nag on one annoying behavior in our kids instead of spending equal time highlighting what they did well that day.

It is so easy to see the negative, the broken and the annoying, while missing the extraordinary, the good, and the progress God wants us to focus on.

Satan is so good at pulling our eyes downward; wanting us to see what we can’t do, what we messed up on, what annoys us. Yet God desires to lift our heads so that we can fix our eyes on Him and see ourselves as He sees us: His precious beloved children.

Sometimes seeing is a choice, and I choose to see Jesus.

Everyday is a struggle and satan knows to strike so where I am most vulnerable, but staying in God’s Word, surrounding myself with encouragers, and purposefully looking for glimpses of His glory helps me keep my eyes fixed on Jesus.

It’s a hard and dark world out there. Isn’t nice to know that there is light and life, and that Life is the Light of all mankind.

See you tomorrow,


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