Day 16: My Helper

This post is one in a series of posts called “Glimpses of God” which I am writing as part of the Write31Days blog challenge. You can find the other posts here: 31 Glimpses of God Blog Challenge (#write31days)

-I lift up my eyes to the hills -where does my help come from-My help comes from the Lord,the Maker of Heaven and earth.

I am so thankful for this challenge. Waking up praying, “God, show me a glimpse of your glory,” is a pretty good way to get the day started. God has been so faithful and generous with showing me that He is always with me, and that He is active in my day to day life. My ‘glimpses’ are not always what I would have chosen or even picked, but they are SO good and exactly what I need.

Today, I could write several thousand words about God’s provision, answered prayer, and lessons from the trenches, but instead I will simply praise my helper and my King – the Maker of Heaven and earth. Psalm 121 was my grandmother’s favorite passage and it has become my daughter’s as well. It is such a great reminder to look up and see the Lord as our helper, our maker, and our sustainer.

Happy Saturday and see you tomorrow,



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