Day 24: Fun on the Farm

This post is one in a series of posts called “Glimpses of God” which I am writing as part of the Write31Days blog challenge. You can find the other posts here: 31 Glimpses of God Blog Challenge (#write31days)

Yesterday was full of glimpses of God’s glory throughout His creation. A beautiful fall day, leaves at the peak of their color, and my family spending the day at our favorite farm, all made for a glorious day of seeing God’s hand everywhere. Today’s post is a photo journal of our sweet day.


My girl on the hay ride to the “back-forty”


We started going to this farm when this almost teenager was not quite 2 years old!


I just love that they love each other (most of the time)


Being silly on the tractor


I could not handle the cuteness! Oh my word you guys, that baby pony was adorable!!!


Jumping for joy!


He does this every year! Stuffs himself full of dried corn kernels. Look at that face! I love that he still has so much little boy in him.


Monkey see monkey do 🙂


My girl sprung a little leak 😉


We so wanted to take this little guy home with us. You know ’cause everyone needs a goat right!


Saying goodbye to the goat she name “Oreo”

It was a wonderful day full of memories that will last a lifetime. I am so thankful to have experienced the sights, sounds and textures of our Creator.

See you tomorrow,



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