Day 30: Sometimes You Gotta Look Hard

This post is one in a series of posts called “Glimpses of God” which I am writing as part of the Write31Days blog challenge. You can find the other posts here: 31 Glimpses of God Blog Challenge (#write31days)

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Since I have been posting the day after my “glimpse,” I still have one more day to go; unlike so many others in this challenge who are basking the glow of completion.

I have to admit that it was really hard to see a glimpse of God’s glory yesterday. Why? Because of the dreaded stomach bug! Stomach pain is my kryptonite. It brings everything in my life to a abrupt stop.

So on a day when I thought I would get to write about a miraculous glimpse or tell you about some great insight God had given me, I am instead writing about seeing God even in the midst of a stomach bug. I cannot lie; it is not easy to see much of anything other than the pain and frustration of an unwelcome virus. But that’s life right? One minute you are skipping along happily doing your thing, then BAM something happens and your normal life comes to a stop. Sometimes it is something much bigger and longer lasting than a stomach bug.

So what do we do when circumstances create blinders for us?

  1. We look backwards: We recall how God has shown Himself in the past. We remember the glimpses He has already revealed to us.
  2. We look to His Word: We will always find a glimpse from God when we go to the very Book He had written for us. We pray that He will speak to us or show us a new word through our Bible reading.
  3. We look to others for help: This is a hard one for me. I don’t like asking for help. But sometimes you just have to. It may be that you need a friend to pray for you. Maybe you need someone to bring you something. Or maybe you need to simply see how God is revealing Himself to someone else.

So today I sit here in the middle of a stomach bug, not looking pretty and definitely not feeling pretty. And while my glimpse of God’s glory was definitely not what I would have asked for, it is what He chose to allow. So today I look back over my other posts and thank God for being willing to reveal Himself to me in so many ways this month. I look to His Word and am encouraged by the life saving words of truth which greet me there. I accept help from my family and smile at God’s provision in their lives.

It’s been quite a ride! Thank you so much for joining me. I’ll recap tomorrow and then you will get a break from me for awhile 😉

(By the way if you want to be the scariest person in the room this Halloween, just say you have the stomach bug! No other costume needed. People will run screaming from you!)


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