Friday Dose of Sunshine

You are my sunshine

You are my sunshine

A Bible Study Fellowship children’s leader had been teaching her class the concepts of grace, works and salvation. Curious as to how much they were understanding she began to ask them questions:

Boys and girls, if I gave all my money away to the poor could I go to Heaven?
– No teacher, you can’t go to Heaven by giving money away.

Well, what if I went to church every single Sunday and sang in the choir, then could I go to Heaven?
– No teacher, you can’t get to Heaven just by going to church.

Ok, but what if I memorized the entire Bible! Surely I could go to Heaven then right?
– No teacher that’s silly. You can’t go to Heaven that way!

The teacher was very impressed at their deep understanding of grace versus works. She felt certain this class contained the next great theological minds of our modern day. She joyfully anticipated their answer to her last question:

Well, if none of those things can get a person into Heaven, then how do we get to Heaven?

A little boy raised his hand. The teacher sat up a little straighter with a look of admiration on her face. She called on the young theologian who proudly stood to impart his deep doctrinal understanding onto the class.

Teacher, in order to go to Heaven you have to get dead first!

I guess all great theological minds gotta start somewhere 😉

Happy Friday!

These weekly “Dose of Sunshine” posts are in honor of the sweet, funny and silly things kids do that bring laughter and truth into our lives. If you have a Dose of Sunshine story you would like to share please leave it in the comments or email me directly at


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