Write It, Learn It, Live It – Day Four

This is the fifth post in a weeklong series teaching the “Write It, Learn It, Live It” Bible study method. You can see the other posts by clicking the following links: Start HereDay OneDay TwoDay Three.

Psalm 37-10

Day Four Verses: Psalms 37:10-11
(Feel free to cover more than just two verses at a time. I am only covering two here to show you examples. Just don’t overwhelm yourself with a lot of verses. I wouldn’t do more than five at a time. The idea is to sit before the Lord and intently study a few verses instead of skimming many.) 

Verse 10

1. Write It (Don’t paraphrase. While you may choose to only write a  section of the verse, only write words from the verse…don’t add anything to the verse)

“A little while and the wicked will be no more, though you look for them, they will not be found.”

2. Learn It (What are these verses teaching? Are they giving a command? Do you learn something about God? Several lessons are often drawn from the same verse. Let God speak directly to you. Write down what you learn.)

A little while can sure feel like forever sometimes! But God sees with eternal eyes. Compared to eternity, the rule of the wicked is nothing. Evil, sin and wickedness WILL be destroyed, but God will remain forever!

3. Live It (How can these verses change your life? What can you do differently because of the lesson they teach? Try to form your personal application as a question you ask yourself, or as a prayer. Let God speak personally to you and your situation. Write down your personal application.)

Am I more short-sighted or eternity-sighted? How can I better view events of this world from an eternal perspective?
*Lord, let me see through heaven’s eyes. I default to such a short-sighted view of evil and wickedness. I tend to focus on the temporal much more than the eternal. Help me keep my eyes fixed on You and see the eternal as much as my human eyes are able.

Verse 11

1. Write It

“The meek will inherit the land and enjoy great peace.”

2. Learn It

Meek = gentle; submissive; one who humbly submits to authority.
There is great peace under the shadow of the Almighty’s wings. Humbly submit to God’s authority and sovereignty, and enjoy great peace.

3. Live It

Am I enjoying great peace? Am I fully submitting to God’s perfect will? Am I trusting in His sovereignty, timing and will?
*God, I want the peace You willingly and gladly offer. Help me to submit and surrender to You. Help me to enjoy great peace, even in the midst of great earthly chaos.

I hope and pray you are finding this method of Bible study helpful and that it is transforming your quiet time with the LORD. Please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what God is teaching you through His Word. I will finish this series tomorrow, and then spend a few days next week helping you teach this powerful method to your children. Blessings!

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