SEE(ing) into the future

I will confess that getting back into writing after an extended break has been a challenge. Case and point? That sentence took me two days to write! (Did it blow your mind? Change your life?)

I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to simply be present with my family over the Christmas break, but at the same time I really missed the writing schedule that I had set for myself. I always think I loath schedules and routines, yet experience has proven that I do not function well without them.

As I sit down to begin my first SEE post of the new year, I can’t help but look with both excitement and uncertainty at the upcoming year. What will this year bring? What joys, what sorrows, what opportunities, what challenges lie just out of my view?

Honestly, those questions begin to cause a feeling of anxiety within me, until I stop and look:

Look at the One who goes before me. Look at the One who knows each of my days. Look at the author and creator of human history. Look at the One who confidently and authoritatively holds the future in His hands.

When I pause to look and see that God is on The Throne, suddenly the anxieties and uncertainties of a new year fade away. So on this very first post of 2016 I will record my prayer for this year:


Open my eyes that I may see Your Word.

Open my ears that I may hear Your Word.

Open my mind that I may understand Your Word.

Open my heart that I may receive Your Word.

Open my mouth that I may speak Your Word.

While I have no idea what this year will bring, I do know and trust the One who does. And I wait with great excitement to SEE glimpses of His glory throughout my ordinary, mundane, yet beautiful life.



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