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Perfect Peace

Posting this today simply because I need the reminder. I have a choice when I watch the news: fear or Peace. I have a choice when I see the condition of our world: fear or Peace. I have a choice when I think of my children's futures: fear or Peace. I have a choice when

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The Red Words

Have you ever heard a word from God spoken from the mouth of a child? It is a really powerful and beautiful experience. Yesterday, I was teaching a three-year-old Bible study class. We were talking about the Bible. As a visual I showed them both a children’s Bible and my big Bible. I showed them

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A Mama Bear’s Prayer

I tend to think of myself as fairly calm and reasonable. I am not prone to fly off the handle or overreact. EXCEPT when my kids are involved! Some button in me gets pushed the moment I perceive a threat (real or imagined) against my precious little darlings. And while the only one to usually

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Waiting is Not for Wimps!

I’ve been giving serious thought to the need for a “Waiting on God’s Timing” support group!!! Waiting is HARD. Waiting on something you feel would be pleasing to God and give Him glory, but is not yet happening is really, really HARD. One thing I’ve noticed while in this season of waiting, is that waiting

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When You Feel Like You Don’t Fit In

A beautiful albino deer appeared in our yard during our last snow storm. The doe has been spotted in our neighborhood off and on over the years. She always stands out in stark contrast against her more camouflaged friends. I often wonder if she is aware of her differences. Do the other deer treat her

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The Lap of Love

Seeing a glimpse of God’s heart when my dog plopped onto my lap. Bailey, my poor golden retriever, has had a hard week. A large cyst on her back ruptured, requiring emergency surgery. She now has six inches worth of stitches surrounded by a massive patch of shaved skin. My husband calls her Frankendog, and

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About My Work

This blog serves as an online journal of sorts. It is where I go to process my thoughts and feelings. It is where I write about what it means to shine the light of Jesus in an ever darkening world. And it is where I record the beautiful glimpses of God’s extraordinary grace in the midst of my very ordinary life.

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