The Red Words

Have you ever heard a word from God spoken from the mouth of a child? It is a really powerful and beautiful experience.

Yesterday, I was teaching a three-year-old Bible study class. We were talking about the Bible. As a visual I showed them both a children’s Bible and my big Bible. I showed them how mine did not have any cool pictures like theirs, but that it did have different colored words. I asked them if they had any idea why some words were red.

One little boy immediately spoke up, “they are red because Jesus’ boo-boos were red. He got boo-boos so He can wash our sin away.”

A three-year-old saw a beautiful truth that up to that point, I had not! Of all the colors that the words spoken by Jesus could have been, they are red!


By His wounds and by His words penned in the color of His wounds, we are healed!

I will never look at those red words the same way.

I am so amazed when the all-powerful God of the universe chooses to speak to us through the sweet voice of a little child.

Much love,


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