Perfect Peace


Posting this today simply because I need the reminder.

I have a choice when I watch the news: fear or Peace.
I have a choice when I see the condition of our world: fear or Peace.
I have a choice when I think of my children’s futures: fear or Peace.
I have a choice when I think of the what-ifs: fear or Peace.

Fear leaves me shaken and untethered.
Peace grounds me and tethers me to only One in complete control.

Peace is a gift. A gift I must reach out and embrace.

Peace comes as I surrender each moment to God’s will.
Peace grows as I trust and apply God’s Word to my life.
Peace is experienced as I raise my eyes to the giver of Peace.
Peace is found in a person- and His Name is Jesus.

Today, for this moment, I choose peace. The world may spin out of control, but thankfully my hope is not in this world. My hope and my peace are in the One who has overcome this world.

Much love,


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