I am a Writer

“So are you a writer?” she asked with genuine curiosity.

“Uh,” I began with great eloquence, “yes?” (I literally said that in the form of a question!)
Then came the equally eloquent clarification. “I mean, well….I write….words….a lot of words.” Dear Lord! Please stop talking. “I mean, I like to write. I write curriculum….and stories. And oh, and I just got an agent. So um, yes…..I’m a writer?” (Again in the form of a question!)

Why I find this question so difficult to answer, I have no idea. Maybe it’s because writing just seems to be an extension of who I am. I process things through writing, I view everything as a possible story, I even edit my grocery list! It feel less like a job, and more like a lifestyle.

Maybe it’s because saying it out loud makes it sound real, and if it’s real then people might judge my writing and find me lacking.

Maybe it’s because I’m tremendously insecure about not having any kind of formal writing background. My major was biology and chemistry (I thought I wanted to be a doctor), and I have a masters in counseling (I worked as a grief counselor for several years.) I always loved writing, but other than some college language arts classes, I never formally studied the art of writing.

Most likely my hesitation and complete fumbling over the question of whether or not I’m a writer is a combination of all of the above.

But I’m finally starting to realize something. Writing is something God has called me to do and I need to own that calling.  And the fact that I don’t feel qualified is what keeps me completely aware of my dependence on His provision.

Another realization I had is that writing is a powerful tool we all need to embrace. I’m not talking about term paper writing, but personal, from the heart writing.

After all:
Writing gives voice to jumbled up thoughts.
Writing about a broken heart often helps to heal that heart.
Writing prayers gives them focus, and serves as a testimony to God’s answers.
Writing about fears exposes them to the light thereby diminishing their power.
Writing about triumphs serves as a beacon to the heart during hard times.

Writing is a part of me; it is a gift God has given me; it is sometimes difficult, but always worth it; and it is something I want to do for the rest of my life.

So  here I go:

Hi, my name is Jen and I am a writer! (with no question mark!)

What is God calling you to do? Don’t be afraid to step out in faith and own it. If God calls you to do it, then you can rest in knowing He will equip you to do it.

So speak it, pen it, live it. But whatever you do-
Just keep writing!


5 Replies to “I am a Writer”

  1. Yes, keep going, don’t be afraid, don’t give up, don’t lose hope. And get rid of the question marks!

    Never one for formal studies myself, I never took actual writing classes, either — or if I did, it was short-lived. They seemed too formulaic, too predictable, too dull, too unhelpful. The best advice I ever got about writing is to identify your voice, and stay true to it. Yes, there are important style points, good ideas for keeping plots or insights making sense, etc. But if we forget the story we’re actually telling, then it’s all moot.

    And God will give us the strength, tools, skills, and stamina to make it in what He wants us to do. All the more reliance on Him we need if we think we can’t do it! Probably why He gives us the desires of our hearts…and we feel totally incapable of making them happen!

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  2. Wow! This post gave me encouragement. I doubt my writing at times. I believe God called me to write, just like He called you to write. Amen, for being confident and believing that God gave you a talent to share with others!

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