Whispers of love amidst shouts of hate

“Mama, you said that love is stronger than hate right?” my thoughtful little girl asked from the back seat.
“Yes, baby. Love is stronger than hate.” I said unsure of why this particular topic had arisen following a rousing conversation about Peeps.
“Well, why is hate so much louder than love?”
“Louder?” I asked enthralled by her description.
“Yeah, it seems like hate is a million people shouting, but love is just one person whispering.” Her head tilted to the side, “Can a whisper be louder than a shout?”

There are moments when I feel like I learn so much more from my children than they learn from me. Can a whisper of love be louder than a shout of hate?

At first glance I would have said no. After all, the pain of a hateful word can last a lifetime. The scars of hate-filled criticisms can remain evident for years. But as I lingered over the question, I considered the life giving power of a whispered word of love:

A hate-filled crowd shouted, “Crucify Him.” Their hate resulting in the barbaric crucifixion of a perfect man—Jesus, God Himself in human flesh. Yet, as Love in human form allowed Himself to hang on a cross, gasping for each breath, He whispered the most glorious words of all of human history, “It is finished.”

Hate brought death. Oh, but Love brought life!

Hate chains. Love frees.

Hate destroys. Love makes new.

Hate hurts. Love heals.

Hate demands. Love gives.

Hate is darkness. Love’s light pierces the darkness.

Hate will one day be destroyed. Love will endure forever.

Hate may be louder to our ears, but love roars to our eternal souls.

May we be a people unafraid and unashamed to whisper words of Love even in the midst of shouts of hate.

Our whisper may be in the form of a prayer for those chained to the hate they serve. It may be in the form of a gentle word spoken to one who is not speaking gently to us. It may manifest itself in a testimony shared, an email unsent, a word of affirmation to one struggling. Whispers of love will often go unnoticed by the masses, but they have the power to change a life for eternity.

Lord, may we be a people willing to whisper words of Love in a climate filled with so much hate. Strengthen our souls so that we do not grow weary by the noise clamoring for our attention, but instead strain our ears to listen to Your whispers of Love and then share those beautiful whispers with others.



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