Thank You Jesus

As the world and all of her inhabitants settled in for the night—as the evening sky surrendered to the encompassing darkness, You walked into a garden.
As mothers were tucking their children into bed, You asked Your disciples to stay awake and pray with You.
As fathers locked their doors, trying to keep out evil, You prepared to face it head on.
As infants cried tears of hunger, You cried tears of holy surrender.
As Your creation stood lost and defiant, You were preparing to lay down Your perfect life for us.

What must have been occurring in the heavenly realms that night?
Did the same angels who heralded Your birth stand in silent horror as You cried out to the Father? Did they long to rush to Your aid? 

What was the physical world experiencing?
Was Your face illuminated by a full moon as You prayed? Or did the moon surrender to the weight of darkness pressing in around You?
Did any creature dare utter a sound? Or did they joyfully cry out in worship?
Could You already begin to feel the weight of the sin-burden You would soon carry?

That night. That precious, sacred, holy, heartbreaking, life-giving night. How does one even begin to express gratitude? How can we possibly thank You for giving Your perfect life to save such un-perfect people?

Jesus, there will never be enough words or enough time to come close to thanking You. What You did is beyond human words or thought.

You looked at us—sinful, defiant, broken, lost us—and said, “I love you this much” as You spread Your arms wide and willingly gave Your life.

All I can say on this night is “Thank You Lord Jesus. I love You.”


Your forever grateful girl,

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