I woke with joyful expectation, ready to run downstairs for my own private Easter sunrise service. For days, I had looked forward to sitting in my favorite chair for a front row seat to the Creator’s early morning masterpiece. I love Easter.  I especially love my tradition of getting up before the rest of my people and basking in the beauty of the sunrise as I imagine being at the empty tomb that day.

My eyes opened and I gazed toward the eastern sky—a sky filled with dark gray clouds. Drizzling rain illuminated by the street light signaled the end of my sunrise dream.

The joy that had filled my heart moments before, was quickly replaced with frustrated sadness. This wasn’t what I had planned. A gray sky certainly does not inspire one to  get out of bed.

Yet, as I contemplated whether or not to pull the covers up and go back to sleep, I felt my heart leap with a whispered truth.

Just because I can’t see the sunrise, doesn’t mean it isn’t rising.

Just as surely as the rain was falling, the sun was still rising. Yes, the clouds blocked my view, but they did not stop the sun from shining.

I still would have loved to have been able to sit with the Lord and share in a private sunrise with Him, but I think He showed me something today that I needed to see even more than a sunrise. I needed to be reminded that while there will be times when I cannot see Him clearly, Jesus will always be with me.

There will be times we will not be able to see what He is doing in our lives, or in the lives of those we love, but He will still be there.

There will be times that we will not be able to see what purpose He has in a situation, but He will still have it under control.

There will be days when life hurts, and there are simply no human answers, but God will remain with us.

He remains. His love remains. Always……Always.

The message of the Cross—the significance of the Resurrection—is the same regardless of the clouds that blow into our lives. Jesus always is. He always has been. And He always will be.

This Easter did not result in the sunrise I had hoped for, but it did allow me to focus on the SON Rise that did truly matter—Jesus has risen and He is all the Son I need!

He is risen

Much love,



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