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Foxy the Cat

Recently, we discovered a stray cat living inside the drain pipe which runs under our driveway. At first glance I thought it was a fox. My son was convinced it was a raccoon. Which explains why her name is Foxy Raccoon Cat. (Poor thing...I know!) While I'm not really a cat person (might have something

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When You Can’t See the Light

Lord, sometimes it is hard to see Your light through the dark clouds of life. Storms build, thunder rolls, and lightening casts an eery glow. My mind knows that the sun still shines, sending forth its light, yet there are times when my eyes cannot see evidence of that truth. All my eyes can see

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The Book of James in Two Words

Prayer is powerful. Prayer changes things. Prayer is the conduit through which God works in the lives of mere humans. And prayer is what allowed me (shy, introverted me) to stand before a large group of women and share what I learned from our study of the book of James this year.(Asked to Speak) And guess

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Lord, I’ll do anything for You, but please don’t ask me to do THAT!

I’m a writer. I like to write. I find joy in expressing myself through words typed on a screen or written on paper. I enjoy teaching through curriculum and devotionals. Over the years I’ve even learned to enjoy teaching children—little ones that is. But I am not a speaker. I don’t like standing in front

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Sometimes you just have to get out of the car

His body tensed, “I can’t do it. I just can’t.” Doubts and fears were wreaking havoc on his mind. “I’m not ready. I’m gonna fail.” Hormones were wreaking havoc on his self-esteem. “I look hideous. Everyone’s going to stare at me.” It wasn’t just one thing, it was a culmination of many: being overtired, hormone surges,

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My Story

Today at church our pastor challenged us to do something. He challenged all of us who have trusted in Jesus to share our testimony (our Jesus story) with at least one person this week. We are doing an amazing series on the gospel of John called Fully Alive. Each week I am struck with a

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A Pursuing Love

“Now He had to go through Samaria.” John 4:4 One of my favorite accounts in the Bible is that of Jesus at the well with the Samaritan woman. It is such a beautiful illustration of the Gospel—of who Jesus is and of the power of His transforming love. As I have been studying the passage,

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Ms. Robyn

Have you ever had to wait for something you’ve desperately wanted? Have you ever experienced a longing in the depths of your soul? Maybe that was a past feeling, or maybe you are still there—waiting, ever waiting for God to move and grant you your heart’s desire. Waiting is often grueling. It's amazing how waiting

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About My Work

This blog serves as an online journal of sorts. It is where I go to process my thoughts and feelings. It is where I write about what it means to shine the light of Jesus in an ever darkening world. And it is where I record the beautiful glimpses of God’s extraordinary grace in the midst of my very ordinary life.

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