When You Can’t See the Light

Lord, sometimes it is hard to see Your light through the dark clouds of life. Storms build, thunder rolls, and lightening casts an eery glow. My mind knows that the sun still shines, sending forth its light, yet there are times when my eyes cannot see evidence of that truth. All my eyes can see are clouds. Clouds of a nation fighting itself—of your own children fighting each other. Clouds of hate toward fellow man. Clouds of fear causing rational people to make irrational decisions. Clouds of disease. Clouds of cancer. Clouds of weariness. Clouds of doubt. Clouds of insecurity. Clouds of abuse. Clouds of lives being taken. Clouds of war. Clouds of terrorism. Clouds of spiritual darkness.

Lord, the clouds seem to be increasing in intensity. The storm seems to be gaining strength on its own; man powerless to stop it. Father, hope feels distant. Peace seems more like a bedtime story—a fairytale—than an actual promise. Hearts are heavy. Hearts are longing. Hearts need You. Yet the clouds grow darker, ever darker.

I look up toward the Heavens, searching for Your purpose in this storm, but rain pelts my eyes, and I cannot see. Does this mean You are not there? Does this mean my hope is gone?

When I can’t see Your face, are You still there?

My soul screams YES! Just as the sun remains the center of our solar system even when clouds block our view of it, You remain the center of this universe even when darkness casts long shadows over Your creation. You are still sovereign. You are still GOD. My eyes may not see You, but my soul observes evidence of Your fingerprints. My heart feels the strength of Your arms.

While You have created us with human eyes—finite, limited eyes, You have also given Your children heavenly eyes. Eyes that look not at what they can see, but trust in what they cannot. You have created Your people to see Your promises. To see Your fingerprints. To see Your love through the sacrifice You made upon a wooden cross thousands of years ago. We do not have to fear clouds of any kind because they have no power to remove You. Clouds have no power over Your Light. You have complete authority over every single cloud. No storm can build without Your permission—that is both a confusion and a comfort for one in the midst of a storm.

Father, I do not understand Your ways, but I trust them. You are so much higher than I. You see the beginning of this world while simultaneously seeing its end and every heartbeat in-between. Every moment is part of the grand tapestry You are weaving together. My eyes see but a fraction of a single thread, while Your eyes see it all—while You masterfully create beauty from the ashes sin leaves behind. Your purposes will always prevail. Always.

God, my eyes may not see You at times, but let my spirit have Heaven’s eyes. Let me trust what I cannot see. Let me always trust in You. Let my heart gaze upon Love itself. Hold me in Your arms. Hold all of Your children through the storm. We may not always see You, but Lord let us always trust You. Let us always look with Heaven’s eyes into the eyes of the One who freely gives us Hope, Peace, and Salvation.

Father, when we can’t see Your face, help us to trust Your heart.

Your heart

“My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him.” Psalm 62:1


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