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Wise Words

[This post is actually a devotional I wrote for our Women's Ministry at church. We have been doing a series on the Proverbs 31 woman. Just wanted to share....] Oh to be described as someone who speaks with wisdom! I think of all the qualities the Proverbs 31 woman possesses; this one touches my heart

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A Prayer and A Song

I find myself praying for many people today. Many hurting hearts and broken souls. After having so many praying for my family over the past few weeks, it is an honor to pray for others today. As I have been praying, I keep finding myself singing the song, "Lord, I Need You." So I thought

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Don’t Worry Be Happy

My son has recently discovered the old classic "Don't Worry Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin. Don't you love it when your kids find "your" music entertaining! He has been blasting the laid back mantra of Mr. McFerrin all throughout our house. And when a music device is not within reach, he loudly whistles the tune.

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Just Breathe

Yesterday I found myself feeling overwhelmed with certain situations that are beyond my control. Many things are changing in my life and the lives of those I love. Things over which I have no control. One change, even two, would be do-able, but these are many different changes. Together they feel like a thousand pressure

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Just Let Go

Many times throughout the week of my dad's surgery, God revealed Himself in such sweet ways. Moments when I felt too weak and scared to pray, a friend would text that they were praying at that very moment. When my mom, my aunt, and I felt like we would scream from the monotony of sitting

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Where We Are Now

Oh how I wish we could go back in time to when my dad was healthy. Back to the days of ignorant bliss. Back to the days when we didn’t know about coronary artery disease, quadruple bypass surgeries, or post-op complications. But this is where we are now. Oh how I wish we could jump

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When God Speaks to Your Heart

The sobs wouldn't stop. Couldn't stop. Fear of the unknown was too much, too powerful to stop. What if.....what if.....what if? My body shook from tears held in far too long. I was set to get on a plane in two hours, and I couldn't stop shaking. What was I going to see? What was

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Praying for a Math Test?

This blog is dedicated to my pursuit of seeing glimpses of God's glory in the midst of my mundane. Recently, however, my days have felt less than mundane. Mundane routine tasks have been replaced with anxious thoughts, suffocating fears and methodic planning (see Daddy’s Girl for the reason why). Yet, even in these chaotic days, God has

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Today’s Thoughts: My Dad, Abraham, and a Skinny Tree

Wouldn't it be nice if we got to pick the trials we went through? And if we could somehow veto a particular trial....Although, if that were the case I would veto all of them! I am trial adverse, yet I realize the good that can come from trials. Nothing grows your faith like trials (just

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Daddy’s Girl

I have always been a daddy's girl. And proud of it. Growing up I think I viewed my dad as more of a buddy than a parent. A fact that probably drove my poor mom crazy as she often had to play the role of "bad guy" to maintain some sense of order in our home.

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About My Work

This blog serves as an online journal of sorts. It is where I go to process my thoughts and feelings. It is where I write about what it means to shine the light of Jesus in an ever darkening world. And it is where I record the beautiful glimpses of God’s extraordinary grace in the midst of my very ordinary life.

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