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Bad news, scary news, uncertainty and darkness abound. The future seems wrought with fear and trepidation. The news has become nothing more than an incessant hum of negativity.

I find myself having conversations with my children that my parents never had to have with me. We must discuss things that make me horribly uncomfortable. But discuss them we must because of the world in which we live. I’m uncomfortable with the subject matter, but there is good in this. I am using Scripture in a way that I haven’t before. We continue to go to God’s Word to find Truth. My kids have started asking, “What does God say about that?”

In a world turned upside down, the only hope we have is to be anchored in God’s Word. Recently, I’ve noticed just how many times Jesus used the phrase “truly truly.” Surely this was not our Lord stuttering. It was Him emphasizing His authority as the Giver of Truth.

In a world trying to denounce the concept of absolute truth, we have a Savior who boldly declared Himself to be THE way, THE truth and THE life (John 14:6).

Jesus didn’t just speak truth, He is truth.

We don’t have to be confused or overwhelmed with the condition of the world. Why? Because He told us this would happen. Over and over throughout Scripture we are told that things are going to turn upside down. Truth will be exchanged for lies. People will turn against each other. Darkness will appear to drown out the light. Yet, all of this is like birth pains, drawing us closer to the reappearance of the King of kings.

I can easily relate the the labor analogy Jesus gave us in the gospels. When my water broke with my first child, I had no pains. I was blissfully unaware of what was to come. I rode to the hospital chatting away with my husband. I made phone calls. I smiled. Yet little by little my smile faded.

Overtime I stopped talking. I wanted to throw the phone across the room. And I certainly didn’t feel like smiling. Every sensation grew in intensity. Each contraction becoming worse than the last. My body was on a crescendo that seemed to have no end. And just when I was convinced that things could get no worse, I was told to push.

I pushed for almost two hours straight. My three and a half week “premature” baby boy was not budging. Why? Because he was almost 10lbs!!! 

I relive my labor experience to remind myself that pains intensify the closer we get to the arrival of the one who makes all the pain worth it.

I was overjoyed to finally hold my giant of a baby. And I can only imagine the joy that will come when I am embraced by my Savior and King. Can you just imagine what it will be like to be hugged by Jesus? Wow!

A day is coming when Jesus will return and make all things right. Just as He promised that days would get harder, He promised that He would return and make right all that is wrong.

Right now, at this very moment, He is seated on the throne of Heaven waiting. He awaits a single word from the Father. At that word, Jesus will come. He is coming.

Right now as we trudge through another day, the Light of the World looks at us with love. He beckons us to look up. Look up from our tasks. Look up from our pain. Look up from our hurt. Look up and see Him sitting on the throne. Look up and see Him in His glory. Look up and see the eyes of Love. Look up and see Him waiting to come.

Look up and hear the echo ringing throughout Heaven, “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and might, and honor and glory and blessing!…To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be blessing and honor and glory and might forever and ever!”

Look up sweet one. Look up.

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