A Prayer and A Song

I find myself praying for many people today. Many hurting hearts and broken souls. After having so many praying for my family over the past few weeks, it is an honor to pray for others today. As I have been praying, I keep finding myself singing the song, “Lord, I Need You.” So I thought I would go ahead and post a prayer and a song here today. 

If you are hurting and in need of a touch from the LORD today, this is for you….

Lord, so many are hurting today. So many are confused, broken, tired, grieving, alone, and fearful. Yahweh, we need You. Your people need You. This country needs You. This world needs You.

Father, we see the evidence of sin all around—Marriages lay crumbled, families torn apart, orphans sit waiting, wars rage on, prejudice runs rampant, violence escalates, loved ones die.

God, where is our victory? Where is our hope? Where is love?

“Wait,” the pages of Your Word say. “Wait on the LORD and trust in My Name. Victory has been won—paid for, finished. Wait on the LORD. One day all will be right. Right now, I AM with you.”

So God today we wait. Your people wait for You. Help us wait. Help us trust. Help us breathe in Your presence. Let us feel You with us. We need Your strength. We need Your help. We need You.

Lord, please envelop Your hurting children in Your powerful and loving arms. Surround us with your goodness. Wrap us in Your grace. Give us direction. Give us wisdom. Grant us comfort.

Savior, we are calling out to You. Spirit, turn our hearts and minds toward the Father.

God, we cannot do this without You. We need You right this hour. We need You right this moment.

Lord, we need You….


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