A letter to the hard-worker who wasn’t recognized

You’ve worked hard all year. You’ve overcome difficulties, sickness, and lack of motivation. You’ve cried tears of frustration, laughed belly-laughs of joy, and experienced every emotion in-between. You’ve grown both in knowledge and maturity, and it shows. Yet, right now it may not feel like anyone really noticed.

You watch as your peers—your friends—are called up to receive various awards. Maybe you even earned one yourself, but they’ve earned two or three. And truth be told, it stings a little.

“Could I have done more?”
“Did I not do enough?”
“Am I not enough?”

These whispered thoughts float around like dandelion seeds in your mind. You are happy for your friends, truly you are, but yet it leaves you wondering, “Why does no one notice me?”

Dear one, please know this:

You are noticed. You are cheered for. You are celebrated. And you are loved.

The One who sees all, who knows all, and who understands all, sees you.

The One who sees how hard you have tried, who sees the kindness you have shown, who sees the tears you have cried, stands before you smiling—nodding His head in acknowledgment of you.

The One who helped you through the late nights, the broken hearts, and endless insecurities, looks on you with love-filled radiant eyes.

He sees you and He rejoices over you.

He sees you and He loves you.

He sees you and beckons you toward His life-giving Presence.

Trophies are nice, awards are nice, but one day they will be put into a box—forgotten about. Yet, the lessons you have learned this year, the growth you have experienced, will become a building block for your entire life.

You have grown in ways that a certificate or a trophy cannot measure. You have changed in ways too big to be measured by mere grades.

You have walked along a road perfectly mapped out for you by your Creator, and you are better for it.

There will be times in this life that you will be noticed by people. Those times will feel good. But for the times that go unnoticed by your peers, your teachers, and those over you please know that they are seen by One far greater.

He sees, He knows, He loves.

And one day all the unseen trophies that He has been storing up for you will be delivered into your arms. And as odd as this may seem now—you will take one look at Him and lay each one of those trophies down at His feet. At that moment you will see clearly the truth that He has known all along:

He is the trophy and He is enough!

Much love to you,

He Sees


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