How to Shine Light into Darkness

Sometimes when you need words the most, they seem to fail you. I have tried to put into words the feelings swirling through my mind today in light of the mass shooting in Orlando. Horror, despair, anger, helplessness, sadness, frustration, fear, concern, sympathy. They all swirl around my heart leaving me unable to form adequate sentences…not that my sentences could really help at the moment.

But then a few minutes ago my almost nine year old daughter crawled up on my lap and asked me a question:

Mama, light is stronger than darkness right?

Right baby. Absolutely.

Then God’s people need to ask Him to help us shine His light into all the darkness right now. There’s probably a lot of people who just see darkness today. Don’t you think?

I do sweet girl. It seems very dark today.

But God’s light is stronger. We just sang about that at church today. So how can we help shine God’s strong light right now?

[We brainstormed together for awhile and here are the ideas we came up with]

We can pray for those who are hurting.
We can show love to others, to everyone.
We can speak kind words.
We can do kind things for others, even those who are different from us.
We can tell God that we want to be His light-shiners.
We can ask God to shine His love through us in some way today.

That’s a really good list mama. Let’s do all of these today ok?

OK, my sweet girl. Let’s go shine some light today.

Sometimes a child can form much better sentences than an adult!

Our family is praying for all of those affected by the horrific tragedy in Orlando, and for all those who are working to be the light bearers in that area even now. May the God of all comfort and light surround those who are hurting and broken tonight, and fill them with His Presence and Love.




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