A Night Full of Grace

Sometimes the glimpses God gives of Himself are cloaked in the ordinary, the mundane: a song coming on at just the right time, a child’s hand holding yours. Sometimes the glimpses are viewed from the lens of nature: a sunset, a newborn foal, a sparkling diamond sky.

Yet other times the glimpses are so obvious that you can do nothing but sit back in awe and simply watch His glory and grace take center stage.

Last night was one of those nights. Our church family came together to witness 25 men be ordained and installed as deacons and elders. My husband was one of them. It was a moving and powerful night. A night of answered prayer.

To say it was beautiful would be a severe understatement.


The men are not perfect, and I’m sure most feel unqualified and unprepared, but God has called and they have obeyed. Twenty-five ordinary men seeking to live in obedience to an extraordinary God. Twenty-five men from different backgrounds, bringing different talents and abilities, working together for the good of the church body. Twenty-five men willing to serve, sacrifice and surrender for the Bride of Christ.


In a world, in a time, and in a culture that screams “Me, Me, Me” these men stood before God and humbly proclaimed, “You, You, You.”

In world demanding its own rights no matter the cost, these men stood before God and gladly surrendered themselves to His service.

These men are not perfect, they are flawed sinners just like the rest of us, but they are willing. They are willing to put Jesus first. They are willing to serve instead of being served. They are willing to give of their time, their talents, and their resources to serve the Church.


There are many beautiful images God has tucked into our lives. Yet,  I think one of the most beautiful is when His children pray for and with each other.

Our pastor asked all active pastors, elders and deacons to come forward and lay hands on the new deacons. This is something that goes all the way back to New Testament times. Something about that – knowing you are watching something so sacred – is so very moving.

My eyes welled with tears as the pastor then asked those of us in the audience to reach our hands forward and symbolically lay our hands on them as well.


The tears then fell with abandon as I glanced up to see this:



My kids with arms outstretched praying for their daddy and the other men being ordained. My children bearing witness to the glorious grace being poured out in front of us. The two treasures entrusted to us being a part of this miraculous night.

Last night was not simply a glimpse of God’s glory – it was God’s glory on display. It was an outpouring of His majesty, His grace, and His Holy Presence. It was a beautiful, moving night. And one that I never want to forget.

I am so proud of my husband and all of those men, but most of all I am so honored to have been a part of such a sacred and holy night. A night full of God’s glory and grace.



Much love,



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