Learning In The Hallway Instead Of The Spotlight

Such beautiful encouragement for those of us “hallway dwellers.” Love this!

Renee Griffin


I propped the tote bag against my foot, leaned against the counter and checked the time on my phone. Only a few hours into the first day and the conference already exceeded my expectations, but the pace of activity sanded my nerves. Mental debate ensued.

Should I push forward to the next seminar or quietly slip back to my room for refreshing silence?

Solitude won the argument. Hungry and ornery feelings tipped the scale in favor of a few quiet moments alone with God and an icy, cold Coke.

I looked up to plan my escape route when she came into view. She smiled as she walked toward me.

“I think I know you from Twitter,” she’d said earlier in the lunch line as we filled our bowls with salad.

I only knew one other person in the sea of 800 women attending the event, so her greeting over the…

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