When You Just Can’t

I’m tired. Really tired. Like I just can’t do it tired.

Usually by the end of summer vacation I am ready. Ready for a new school year. Ready to try out new Pinterest inspired lunches. Ready to be on top of the homework hustle. Ready to put on my chauffeur hat. Ready to get back to a routine.

But this year, I just don’t feel it. I’m not ready. I haven’t even looked at Pinterest. And the thought of homework gives me hives! I just can’t.

When you just can't musterthe strength to pack anotherschool lunch

I’ve bee processing this lack of desire for the school year as I cling to summer like some kind of lifeline. And I’ve realized that it’s not so much the school year I’m dreading as all of the other stuff that will come with it.

Life is going to get busy. I am going to be challenged in ways that I never have before (see The News I Can Finally Share). Ministry responsibilities will resume. Life will become measured by deadlines, school functions, and schedules. Drama will rear its head at inopportune times (inevitable when you have a middle schooler and a almost tween girl 😉 ) And it will start getting dark earlier (seriously can we please do away with daylight savings time???) The list goes on and on and my trepidation grows and grows.

But I realized something this morning as I was spending quiet time with the Lord: summer comes and goes, but Jesus is constant. (I know, big revelation right!?!?) I know it may not sound like anything much, but it kinda changed everything for me this morning.

See, what I love about summer and what I cling to until my fingers bleed is the laid back, restful atmosphere—the lack of stress and the time to rest. But like a refreshing mist that temporarily cools your skin, summer comes and then is quickly absorbed by real life.

Yet, Jesus offers year-round rest. Jesus offers laid back time with Him daily. Jesus doesn’t offer a temporary reprieve from real life—He offers permanent hope in real life. He enables us to get the important things done. He strengthens our hands and minds for the tasks that He calls us to do. And He offers daily rest. Real rest. True rest. Rest that soaks into your soul. Rest that sustains and renews.

Summer may be coming to an end, but Jesus says, “Take My hand and walk with me through this next season. I will be your rest. I will be your comfort, your strength and your safe place. My grace and My strength are sufficient for you. I AM enough. I AM here. Together we can do this.”

Take my hand. Together we can do this.

And while I still look longingly as summer’s shadow grows long, my eyes catch the reflection of The Son and my heart leaps. My soul is stirred and I feel a little less tired today.

And while I still don’t have the desire to pull up Pinterest lunch ideas, I’m am feeling a little more ready to face a new school year 😉

Much love,



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