One is Enough

I will confess: one is rarely ever enough for me.

One episode of Downton Abby on Netflix turns into binge watching an entire season. One minute checking email turns into an hour scrolling through social media. One potato chip….I mean seriously, who can do that??


The concept of one being enough is somewhat foreign to me, yet it is something God continues to press into my heart. There are many times in life where one is enough. Where it should be enough.

  • One step of obedience is all God requires for us to partner with Him in a great adventure.
  • One conversation with a person the Spirit prompts us to talk to can lead to a beautiful friendship.
  • One quiet moment with Jesus before the house gets loud can set our course towards Peace-filled waters that day.
  • One invitation to one person to trust in one Savior can change that person’s eternal destiny.

Yes, sometimes one is enough. Yet, the enemy seeks to stir up my soul and convince me that more is needed. More is required. And that one is pointless. He whispers taunts:
None of those Sunday school kids are listening to you. You aren’t making a difference in their lives.
You write and write on your little blog, but you don’t have many followers. Why do you even bother. Think of all that you could get done if you just gave that up.
Look around you at all those successful people. You will never be able to compete in that space. Why even try?

His tactics can be effective. They hit at my most vulnerable places. Yet, thankfully the more time I spend with the Father, the more obvious the enemy’s tactics become.

Where the enemy taunts, accuses and tears down; God whispers, sustains and encourages:

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God speaks to my heart: “Your only job is to obey. You speak truth. You write truth. But you leave the results to Me. I AM the One who changes hearts. You’re job is simply to trust Me. To follow Me. Where I lead you is not your concern. You stay on the perfect path which I have laid out for you. And you alone. Your path will not look the same as others. And that is ok. You follow Me. You be filled with Me. You keep your eyes on Me.”

And then every once in awhile God will give me a lavish gift. A gift I truly don’t deserve. A gift I feel unworthy to open:

He will allow me to lead a child to place their trust in Jesus. He will allow me to hear feedback from someone who was touched by my blog. He will allow me to SEE a glimpse of the beautiful tapestry He is creating.

I will probably always struggle with the comparison trap. It is one of the “thorns in my side” so to speak. But God is so patient with me and continues to work on my heart to remind me that one can be enough.

While He may use some to reach multitudes, He may be calling us to pursue just one lost sheep.

Numbers should not be our concern. Obedient surrender should.

Today, I choose to allow One to be enough. And what a wonderful, amazing, righteous ONE He is.

Much love,

ONE is enough


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