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Along with writing a book (see Book), I’ve also been writing preschool curriculum for a weekly Bible study program we have at our church. We will be using Priscilla Shrier’s Armor of God study (which I LOVE and highly recommend!). I have been writing preschool lessons to compliment the grown-up lessons. It has been a fun project and a great chance to absorb some deep spiritual truths in a childlike faith kind of way.

One thing I love doing when writing for little ones is to use rhymes, songs, and chants. Preschoolers learn so much through repetition. And rhyming seems to hold their attention well.

So with that in mind I started to work on a chant, which morphed into a poem, which eventually (with the help of a friend and wonderful guitar teacher) became a song—a song about the spiritual armor God gives to His children.

I had been working on the chant/poem one day when my 9 year old daughter climbed up on the sofa next to me to ask me what I was doing. She then proceeded to help me finish the lyrics and soon after started humming a tune to go with it. I sent our lyrics to a friend (who is also my kids’ guitar teacher). Within about an hour she sent me back some chords—which happened to play the same tune my daughter had been humming!

Our sweet media team at church gave of their time so that we could record a little video. My daughter and son are playing in the video along with our Bible study lead teacher’s daughter and a gaggle of kids I recruited that morning to join us on stage 😉

It was a fun (albeit chaotic) morning, and while we could have used more practice, I think it turned out pretty cute!

It certainly won’t win a grammy, but I hope it helps even just one child learn what it means to wear the armor God has given us.

Much love,


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