A Prayer for the Battle Weary


Lord, Your people are hurting. The fight is exhausting. We try to stand for you, yet continually find ourselves getting knocked down.

Standing in the light of Your love makes for an illuminated target. 

The enemy is relentless in his pursuit-a fact that makes our hearts soar with anticipation of what you must have in store, while at the same time trembling in fear of what lies around the bend. He has bruised us. We ache. We find it hard to lift our heads.

The armor you promise us is on, but Lord, today it feels so heavy. Our shields of faith drag the ground-the weight, at times, too much to bear.

Father, your people are tired. Just getting out of bed some mornings is all we can manage. Fears assail us from under the covers: can I do this? Is this the right thing? What will this day bring? The “what-ifs” taunt us: What if I fail? What if I succeed?  What if I’m not enough?

Sickness, grief, uncertainty, darkness abound. Draining us of our energy. The news plays in the the background: floods, war, hatred, protests, murder, abuse, terror. God, when will it ever stop?

Jesus, your people are wounded. This life hurts, yet sadly-tragically-some hurts are caused by those who bear Your Name. And those wounds seem to hurt more. We cry out to You in pain, in fear, in frustration. We cry out to you in anger and desperation.


Jesus we need to see You, to feel You, to hear You. All we can see right now is pain, brokenness and darkness. We are weary from battle and we need You. Now.

I AM here.

Our hearts hear the whisper of Your voice. A glimmer of hope lifts our heads.

I AM with you.

We rise from our bed of worry and doubt.

I AM for you.

We stand up.

I AM your strength.

You take your place in front and behind us. You hem us in. You place Your shield of faith in our weary arms. Although, they no longer feel quite as weary. Remarkably, they have been infused with strength. Your strength. We are able to hold firm Your shield of faith. We look to our right, to our left. Others are standing up holding shields like ours. All linked together, forming an impenetrable wall.

I AM enough. 

We take a shaky step forward. Then another. And another. We are once again walking. Walking in the light of the goodness of God. Walking in Love and in truth. We are once an an illuminated target, but we are filled with Power and Strength.
An arrow flies and then another, but we do not fear for we are Yours and You are in us.

We walk, we run, we fight, we speak, we write, we drive, we go. We go in Your Name. We go in Your strength. We go in Your power.

Lord, your people need You. The battles get hard-You know that better than anyone. Yet, even when You were weary and hungry, broken and bleeding, You fought. You spoke truth. You loved perfectly. You sacrificed. You gave freely. And You defeated the enemy once and for all.

With but a bow of Your head You trampled sin and death. With an empty tomb and a pre-dawn greeting You broke every chain.

And one day. One glorious day, You will speak but a Word and silence hell once and for all.

We are battle weary, but the battle is not ours nor will it last forever. Help us today to remember that truth. It is Your battle and you call us to fight in Your strength.

We are weak today. Remind us that we have access to the full measure of true Power.

We are tired. Call us to find rest in the arms of Love.

We trust You and depend on You. We stand in Your presence. Filled with Your strength. We stand wrapped in Your love. Help us today precious Father. Help us shine Your light and love into this world. Trusting that You who are in us is greater than he who is in the world.

We love You Lord.

In the powerful and eternal Name of Jesus we pray, amen.




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