The Robe

(This short story was inspired by a word picture our pastor, Brian Frost, painted last Sunday. It was a wonderful sermon from John chapter 8. Though I must confess that after he referred to Jesus standing up from His throne and exchanging His glory robe for a servant robe, I could think of nothing else. What a wonderful picture to ponder. That was my attempt below. I hope it touches your heart as it did mine.) 

Unimagined beauty. Glorious perfection. A kingdom of light. Of love. Of truth.

The air is charged with holiness. There is no need for oxygen, for pure grace is inhaled as praise is exhaled. The heartbeat of this kingdom is found in its Center—the Center from which all else revolves. All are drawn closer and closer. Longing to be even nearer. Completely content to be near at all.

Love pours from the Center of the kingdom. A rushing river flows out into a crystal sea. A sea of brilliant glass colored liquid. Liquid grace.

The sounds of this kingdom delight the heart as the cadence of rushing water mixes with the love songs of majestic creatures. Songs of worship. Songs of praise. Songs of wonder. Forever flowing around the Center—around the occupied throne.

Fascinating creatures, beautiful and shimmering, surround the throne. Drawn to it, yet shielding their eyes in reverence, overwhelmed in the Presence of such Power and Love. Gifts are continually offered. Placed before the throne—sweet smelling gifts that fill the kingdom with fragrant aromas and beautiful sounds.

Flying creatures, walking angels, eternal souls surround the crystal sea. The image of the One on the throne is reflected in the still water. A spotless glowing garment adorns the One wearing it. Righteous robes. Holy robes. Worthy to be worn only by the King of this kingdom.

Voices cry out in unison, “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty who was and is and is to come. Worthy! Righteous! Perfect! Beautiful!”

The entire kingdom hums in worship and adoration.

Faces, turned toward the source of their worship, radiate His beauty. Voices once again raise in song. Perfection abounds in this place. Where the rightful One receives the full measure of His rightful worship.

Suddenly, a hush falls over the kingdom as the Worshipped One rises from His rightful throne. His worshippers fall to their knees. Gasps echo throughout the realm as the Beautiful One takes off His kingly robe. He lays His robe gently over His throne. He looks out over the crystal sea. His glorious eyes taking in every image—filling with tears of love, yet tears of something else as well. A knowledge so vast that those bowing silent before Him could never understand.

The stunned crowd watches as the Glorious One puts on another robe. A robe not of this kingdom but of another. He is majestic in His new garment. Majestic, yet disguised.

As quickly as the hush fell, a roar now erupts from the kingdom. Understanding has dawned. The King is ready for battle. A battle He alone can fight.

It is time. It is time.

Those surrounding the throne feel a mix of joy and despair. The King, the beloved glorious unmatched King is wearing rags. He has exchanged His glorious riches for mere rags.

How is it possible for more love to flow from this King. Yet, the weight of love shakes the kingdom, presses in on everyone. Love in its purest form. Leaving all breathless in wonder.

Love that lays aside what it is rightfully entitled and offers itself to those who do not deserve it.

The highest warriors in the kingdom are dispatched to a far away place. Sent to bear news the land has been longing to hear.

The King remains standing, patiently waiting until just the right moment. His Presence fills the throne room. His love emanates from Him and touches all in the kingdom.

He nods His beautiful head—a silent communication that the time has come and He is leaving for awhile. The kingdom holds back a tear. But The King signals to His robe. His rightful robe now adorning His throne. The evidence that He is returning and will once again sit in HIs rightful place

The King disappears from view. All of Heaven leans in. All is silent.



A baby cries….and all of Heaven erupts in joyful worship.

The King has gone to show His people the way. Light has dawned. Light has penetrated the darkness.

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come.



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