An Apology to Brussels Sprouts

Forgive me Brussels sprouts. For I have misjudged you terribly.


For years (more than 3 decades worth), I have scorned you. Mocked you. Avoided you. Belittled you. I thought I knew you. I thought I understood you. I thought my feelings were justified. I never pushed you on my children because I assumed they would feel about you as I did. I never brought you into our home because I had no interest in you being here. I was content with you being on the shelves of the store, and was not about to bring you home with me.

But then I actually tasted you. And everything changed.

You see, dear Brussels sprout, I had never tasted you before. I had never actually decided for myself what I thought of you.


I had allowed others’ opinion of you to influence my perception of you. I had allowed what I thought you would be like to keep me from trying you for myself.

Some said you were slimy.

Others claimed you to be biter.

A few tried to force you on me in some kind of odd looking casserole, and quickly grew offended when I declined.

There were those who were either so passionate in their affection for you that, at the time, I just couldn’t relate; or those who were so vehement in their loathing of you, that I was instantly repulsed.

I had judged you based on my perception of you—a perception that came not from my own experience, but through the lens of others.

And oh my little green vegetable how wrong I was!

All I needed was but to taste you for myself. To courageously taste your crispy roasted goodness—and I was all in! To think of the years spent without you in my life! The years that I have missed the slight crunch before the tender roasted garlicky goodness that awakened my tasted buds.


But now I know. Now I have tasted. And now I am all in.


And my dear little Brussels sprout, if you—a mere vegetable—have provided such delight, imagine the joy that awaits those who have yet to taste and see that the LORD is good—and far better than the most delectable of any culinary delight!

How many people have judged God—judged Jesus—based on what they thought they knew of Him? How many have avoided Him because of what they saw of Him through others? How many have run away from Him because of how He was misrepresented by those who claimed to know Him?

I wonder what might happen if each one—if every single person—tasted for themselves. Read God’s Word for themselves? What if every one who has refused Jesus based on others’ assessments of Him, read about Him for themselves? What if they read the book of John for themselves—the book where we are given so many of Jesus’ own words?


What if, as they tasted and saw for themselves, they asked God to show them who He really is?

Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” Psalm 34:8

Could it be that maybe, just maybe, they would delight in Who they would find? And discover a Love that surpasses all others?

Oh little Brussels sprout, you have unlocked a great and vast truth. For while not everyone will taste and find that you are good. I believe that everyone who truly tastes and sees a glimpse of the One true God (as He truly is) will find that He indeed is very very good.

Much love from your new fan,

[By the way, I am officially obsessed with roasted Brussels sprouts. If you have a recipe you love, I would be so grateful if you would share that in the comments below!]



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